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Before me and lily went out~ basically our friendship summed up in two pics

My new scheduling and sleeping patterns do not leave time for me to watch any of my anime/tv series..
I’m feeling very conflicted
I want to be doing all these things
And still sleep my 8 hour nights
Why god

Holy shit I’m done with life I give up

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When there’s too much shit you need to get done at once



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This is what happens when I text my lover and best friend at the same time

I’m still laughing hahahaha


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I am proud of myself today! I started something new and worked my butt off for it.
It wasn’t what I wanted to get done originally so I’m working on that now but I’m happy and feeling good and I deserve the radox bath I am about to take.
Super grateful for all my opportunities and I’m super keen to relax now hey


fucckk I want them all gimme gimme gimme

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I’m happy and junk ~!

Yes hello me again


Hey so why is it a thing where you have to state what your diet consists of? Like vegan or vegetarian like do you really think anyone cares or

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